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Display of Antiques

The display of antiques was one of the best ever shown at an occasion of this kind, the writer believes. Doctor Mary Lowell's display at her home was a very important part of this line of the day's features. Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday the Doctor entertained many people. The list of articles shown is as follows:

Seventy-eight pictures of some of the oldest residents of Dover and Foxcroft.

Pictures of Mary E. Chandler and Abbie Tower.
Desk set owned by Charles Parsons Chandler in 1828.
Pieces of flag staff and of flag from Marshall House (where E. E. Ellsworth was killed) secured by Col. Chandler.
Autograph letters from Colonel Foxcroft to C. P. Chandler, his Attorney.
Tall hat worn by Charles P. Chandler in 1825.
Muffler worn by Charles Parsons Chandler, 1825.
Umbrella used by Charles P. Chandler in 1825 when preceptor of Foxcroft Academy.
Shoe buckle, Col. Isaac Parsons.
New Gloucester Hand woven table cloth, Mrs. Charles Parsons Chandler, made by her mother. Mrs. Isaac Wheeler of Garland, in 1828.
Hand knit shawl. Mrs. Peleg Chandler St. made about 1780.
Baby bib worn by Emily Chandler in 1831.
Baby's bonnet, worn by Chas. Parsons Chandler who was born in 1800.
Baby's outfit made by Mary E. Chandler.
Pin cushion made by Mrs. Peleg Chandler of New Gloucester, after she was 86 years of age.
Handmade counterpane made about 1820. Original bureau scarf. Solid mahogany bureau, original brass trimmings, 1830. Card table, Mrs. Chandler, 1830.
Solid mahogany dining table, Mrs. Chandler, 1830.
Feather bed (in cradle) made about 1794.
Cradle made by Peleg Chandler, 1762, in which Col. Foxcroft was rocked when a baby.
Collar embroidered by Mrs. Charles P. Chandler.
Set of dining-room chairs to match side table.
Side table for dining-room, 1830.
Bedstead used by Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Chandler, 1830.
Beaded bags made by Mary E. Chandler.
Beaded purse made by Mrs. Charles P. Chandler.
Brass cooking kettles.
Brass clothes kettle.
Coffee mill brought from New Gloucester.
Brass lamps made for using sperm oil.
Steel knives and forks, dinner and breakfast set, 1830.
Sampler worked by Mrs. C. P. Chandler, 1819.
Syrup jar brought from New Gloucester, used by Col. Foxcroft.
Tea set, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Chandler, 1830.
Dinner set eaten from by Col. Foxcroft.
First dinner set used by Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Chandler.
Vases, wedding presents, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Chandler, 1830.
Soup tureen and platter 120 years old, Peleg Chandler, Sr.
Platter 130 years old brought from New Gloucester by Peleg Chandler, Sr.
Set of dishes 150 years old.
Warming pan.
Candle snuffer and tray.
First dust pan in Dover.
Wedding present to Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Chandler, 1830.
Table made by Peleg Chandler prior to 1762.
Decanter of New England rum brought from New Gloucester in 1828.
Bells set up by Peleg Chandler, Sr., prior to 1793.
Carpet 1830, house in Dover.
Shawl worn by Mrs. C. P. Chandler, 1830.
First catalogue Foxcroft academy, 1825.
Second and third catalogues of Foxcroft academy.
Complete set of catalogues of Foxcroft academy to 1902.
Commencement program R. I. College 1794 where Peleg Chandler, Jr., was graduated.
Picture of Bowdoin College, Massachusetts hall, Bowdoin College.
First Cong, church, Brunswick.
Pewter porringer given to Charles Parsons Chandler by his grandfather, Col. Isaac Parsons of New Gloucester, with Parsons' Coat of Arms, 1800.
Light stand made by Peleg Chandler, Sr. in 1749.
Desk chair over 100 years old, Peleg Chandler, Esq.
Silver comb and tortoise shell comb, Mrs. C. P. Chandler.
Shaving set, C. P. Chandler, Esq.
Mirror, over 125 years old, Mrs. Peleg Chandler.
Library of Peleg Chandler, Jr., over 90 years old.
Foil picked up on battlefield of Vicksburg after surrender.
Gun picked up on battlefield of Bull Run, Va., by Maj. C. P. Chandler, 1st Mass. Inf.
Rebel sword picked up on battlefield of Williamsburg by Col. Chandler.
Fire-place set and cooking utensils, 1830.
Cane, property of Peleg Chandler, Esq., New Gloucester.
Full set of pictures, five generations of the Chandler family.
Peleg Chandler, Jr.'s journal, kept in 1791.
Toddy glass and spoon brought from Gloucester, England, to Gloucester, Mass., in 1657, property of Geoffrey Parsons, grandfather six times removed of Mary Chandler Lowell.
Teaspoons of six generations back to 1739.
Doll 1843, Mary E. Chandler, Mrs. Chas. W. Lowell.
Walking stick of Chas. Parsons Chandler, 1830.
Spoonholder, 200 years old, brought from England to Charles Parsons Chandler.
Six pieces of china that came from Duxbury, Mass., in 1701, to Mrs. Peleg Chandler, belonging to the great great great grandmother of Chas. Parsons Chandler.
Picture of eleven young ladies in Foxcroft academy, about 1855.
Chair made in 1728 in No. Yarmouth by Joseph Chandler, Jr., great great grandfather of Chas. Parsons Chandler.
Letters from 1788 to 1839.
Papers from 1788-1837.
One of the most interesting features of the Centennial was the display of relics and antiques in the Cong'l chapel. Many articles of great beauty and of great historical value were shown and the committee in charge deserve great credit for their diligence in searching them out. Unfortunately no list was made by the committee so we are unable to present the names of the articles and their contributors.

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Source: Sprague's Journal of Maine History, Vol. 5 No. 7, Published by John Francis Sprague, Dover, ME, July 1914


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