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Taxpayers, Town of Sangerville, Maine, 1819

Following are Tax Payers for the Town of Sangerville, Maine

Charles V. Ames
Daniel Ames
Enoch Adams
Phineas Ames
Samuel Ames
John Andrews

Abel Brockway
Jesse Brockway
Joseph Brockway
Oliver M. Brown
William Buck

Guy Carleton
Robert Carleton
Eben Carsley
John Carsley
Gardner L. Chandler
William Cleaves
Noah Clough
Joseph Clough

Abijah Davis
Leonard Dearth
David Douty
Kingman Drake

William Farnham
William Farnham Jr.

Benjamin C. Goss

Nathaniel Herrick
Justus Herriman
William Hill Jr.
William Hinckley

Otis C. Jackman
Archulaus Jackson
Asa Jackson
Jacob Jewett
Isaiah Knowlton
Isaiah Knowlton Jr.

Henry Leland
Walter Leland

Isaac Macomber
Samuel McClanahan
Edward Magoon
Hollis Mansfield
Samuel Mansfield
Charles Morgridge
Joseph Morgridge
Aarone Morse

Abel Oakes
Abel Oakes Jr.
Otis Oakes
Stephen Oakes.
Solomon Oakes
William Oakes
William Oakes Jr.

William Parsons
John Patten
Apollas Pond
Thomas Prince

Ellis Robinson
Aaron Rollins
Moses Rollins

Calvin Sanger
Lewis Spooner
Stevens Spooner
Nathaniel Stevens Jr.
William Stevens

James C. Watson
James Waymouth


Source: Sprague's Journal of Maine History, Vol. 2 No. 3, Published by John Francis Sprague, Dover, ME, July 1914

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