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Aroostook War Volunteers

A part of the soldiers in the Aroostook War were drafted by Governor Fairfield from the State Militia. There were, however, others who were volunteers, mostly from the counties of Penobscot, Kennebec, Oxford, Somerset and Piscataquis. These volunteers were paid off by the Land Agent. The only record of them was the pay rolls which were formerly preserved in the Land Office.

The late Major Charles J. House in 1904 published a roster of the officers and privates in the drafted contingent. Some ten years ago it was discovered that these pay rolls were lost. Major House and others made careful search in the State House to discover them, but without avail. Recently the writer was engaged in examining some papers in the Land Office, relating to the Revolutionary soldiers who received land bounties in Maine, and accidentally came across a box that contained reports of the captains of some of these Aroostook War volunteer companies. We have caused copies of these valuable documents to be made as follows:

The following contains a list of names of men who served as volunteers in Capt. Nymphas Turner's company under the Land Agent in the State of Maine on the Aroostook and vicinity, together with the time of service of each man and the amount due him from the State at $18.00 per month, from the 24th day of April. 1839, to the time they left the service of the State:

Volunteers in Capt. Nymphas Turner's Company

Abel S. Boobar
Jeremiah Boobar
Amme S. Carver
Sharon Cross
James Currier
Hiram Decker
Robert Douglass
Thomas Eaton
Joseph Freeman
Grafton N. Frost
Joseph Going
Chandler Hall
Joseph P. Hill
Abner Heath
Charles Jaqueth
Joseph Jaqueth
A. G. Johnson
Ezekiel Knowles
J. F. Lindsey
Jesse Livermore
Sedate B. Meservy
Isley Osborn
Henry K. Palmer
William H. Rankin
Greenleaf Smith
Benjamin Stinchfield
Daniel Stinchfield
Ensign Stinchfield
William Stinchfield

Report of Capt. Douty's company, February 24, 1839

Moses Badger
Anthony Bessy
Jacob Burrill
Jonathan Carter
Calvin Coulton
Elias Courser
Elijah Earl
Richard Fox
Edward Fox
William Hussey
Daniel Labree
Thomas J. Mason
Benjamin Hathorn
Alonzo C. Hearsay
John Hobin
James W. W. Howe
Ebenezer Lord
Charles M. Merrill
Isaac Monroe
Samuel T. Nickerson
Alvin Phelps
Alanson Roberts
Charles Robinson
Nath'l S. Staples
William K. Steadman
Thomas H. Stubbs
Abraham D. Young

Report of Capt. Thomas Emery's company, February 25, 1839

Benj. Adams
Cyrus Adams
Levi Baker
Wm. S. Booker
John T. Bragdon
John Cary
Samuel Cary
John Clark
Sylvanus M. Corison
Edward Doane
Eben Edgerley
Thomas Emery
Oliver Goss
Nathan Hotton
Isaac Knowles
Danid Lowe
Wm. G. Lowe
Robert Moore
Amos Morrill
Ezekiel Morse
Lendall Myreck
Henry Snow
Joseph C. Wade
J. C. Wing
Benjamin H. Young
Gilbert Young
Lewis Young
Philip Randall
Benjamin Marsh
Ephraim Quinn
Almon E. Osgood
Simon Mudgett
Albion P. Wilson
Jonathan Powers

Capt. Thompson's report of his company, February 25th, 1839

Phillbrook Abbot
John Bachelder
Pilsbury Bailey
Jas. Batchelder
David Beals
Edward Bemis
Gardner Black
Jesse Black
Wm. Black
Caleb O. Billings
Daniel Billings
Joseph Bolton
Gilbert Brown
George H. Cables
Cyrus Clark
Chase Colcut
James Conary
Henry W. Cunningham
Amaziah Curtis
Henry W. Curtis
Moses Curtis
Lemuel Curtis
Phinneas Curtis
Joseph Davis
Josiah Davis
Levi Douglass
William S. Dyer
Benj. Eames
Dan'l J. Fames
Smith B. Freemen
Elisha Grant
Lorenzo Grant
Moses Grant
David Houston
Oliver Jackson
Luther Joslin
Aaron Knowlton
John W. Knowlton
Thomas Knowlton
Wm. Knowlton
Wm. H. Knowlton
Sam'l Linnells
Bisley Low
David Low
Elijah Low
Leander Mathews
Nathan Mathews
John Mills
Wm. Murch
Jacob B. Mussure
James Mussure
Hasen B. Nelson
Orin Nelson
Jonathan Nickerson
Geo. Parker
Geo. Patterson
Charles Pray, Jr.
Thomas Record
Orlando Roberts
Dan'l Rowe
Arch. Sanborn
Albert Smart
Joshua Smart
Alfred Smith
Henry B. Smith
John Somes
Sam'l Spiller
Edward Stevens
Marias Stevens
Geo. Thombs
Saml. Thompson
Wm. Thompson
Geo. Trafton
Geo. Watters
Sam'l Watters
Warren Weston
John C. Woodman
Francis Worth
Wm. Young

Report of Capt. Porter's Company, February 24, 1839

William Allen
Levi Applebee
David L. Buzzell
Charles Cochrane
Hamilton Colcord
Melvin Curtis
Benjamin Drew
Charles Ellis
James H. Emery
Jonathan Fogg
Jeremiah Folsom
Richard Fox
Woodbury Gordon
Soloman Ham
Darius Hodgdon
John L. Morgan
Oliver Lane
Daniel Lord
Alfred Miller
Samuel Morey
Dean Page
Jeremiah Page
John Page
Jonathan Page
Luther Scott
Addison P. Shirly
John A. Smith
Noah Trafton
Samuel Webb
Tobias Wilbur

Report of Capt. __________ Company, February 24, 1839

Lieut. Cross
Jeremiah Cross
Orrin Cross
Leonard Delaitre
M. D. Delaitre
Charles F. Hollan
Thomas Joy
Charles McLuer
Joseph Morrill
Horace S. Parlin
Gilman Quimby
Charles White
G. W. Wingate

The following note appears upon this report:
Headquarters Aroostook, Feb. 24th, 1839.

Capt. will please make out this report and have ready for examination by the commander. Col. Jarvis. Feb. 24th. 1839. Per order
B. Wiggin, Jr, Aid.

Report of Capt. Dunning's Company, February 24th, 1839
Capt. C. T. Dunning
Lieut. J. Page
D. C. Brown, Ensign

Jeremiah Bean
Holmes D. Coy
John D. Coy
Wm. Dolliff
Smith Dority
Samuel W. Drew
Amos T. Either
Adrial Gray
Amasa Holden
Isaiah H. Hunting
Wm. Keezer
Brien W. Libby
Wm. B. Merrill
Calvin Millet
Samuel V. Millet
J. H. Milliken
Duston Page
Jason Shurbern
Philip Snow
Simon Stone
Ebenezer P. Tapley
Hazen Tilton
Sherburn Tilton

Report of Capt. Towle's Company, February 24th, 1839

Capt. Towle
Lieut. Chase
Lieut. Heald
Jonathan Annis
Samuel Bailey
Philip Blake
G. W. Buzzell
W. M. Campbell
Albion Carpenter
Joe Carpenter, Jr.
B. B. Crandlemire
Job Carpenter
D. P. Chase
P. M. Chase
S. S. Chase
Wm. Cunningham
Gideon Dearing
Albert Dilano
Aldin Dole
Joshua Dow
Andrew M. Eaton
Joe Elkins
Mark Ellis
Joseph Fox
A. A. Tolman
Solon Gates
J. C. Grant
Joe P. Guptil
A, F. Hammond
Joseph Harding
David Harvey
Joe Hook
Joe Hook
Geo. E. Inman
Joe M. Jewell
Oliver H. Jewell
Charles Jordan
Moses M. Lane
Isaac Leach
Isaac McKenney
Leander G. Merrill
Isaac Mallett
John Mallett
Wm. Mallett
Levi Moore
Benj. Norton
George Pishon
Hastings Strickland, Esq.

Report of Capt. Chamberlain's Company February 24, 1939

Capt. Chamberlain
Richard Beedle
Geo. B. Breton
Geo. Brown
Francis Bunker
Lieut. S. A. Burr
J. C. Camber
G. E. Collins
R. S. Cousins
Jesse Dyer, Jr.
Amos Fish
Aaron French
I. D French
Sylvester Gray
Daniel S. Ham
N. L. Hooper
Stephen Hopkinson
W. A. G. Johnson
Harry W. Little
Wm. Longley
A. S. Phillips
Harry Reed
Moses Roberts
Wm. Robinson
W. A. Rowe
W. C. Sibley
E. G. Stackpole


Source: Sprague's Journal of Maine History, Vol. 5 No. 7, Published by John Francis Sprague, Dover, ME, July 1914


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